Volunteer Mentor

Volunteer Mentor

Never have I seen such young women accomplishing such great things!

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Saint Raymond's Society

how we have helped

It has been the most amazing experience to see the women grow and step into themselves!

Living at St. Ray’s House was a profound experience for me.  I learned so much while living there!  My biggest take away was probably in the life skills department, especially time management and self-discipline.  The thing I like best about St. Ray’s is that I will always be a part of the St. Raymond’s Society.  I still meet with my Success Coaches every week and my Accountability Partner every month.  The kids and I are invited to all of the St. Ray’s outings, celebrations and events.  The only difference is that I have my own house now so sometimes we meet here.

These mothers inspire me to GIVE more, to DO more and to BE more.

I have found a job and been able to continue my education with a roof over my head thank to St. Raymond's Society.