You are invited to SHINE

You are invited to SHINE

Date: April 25, 2019

Time: 5:30PM TO 7:30PM

Location: Stephens College Kimball Ballroom 6 N. College Avenue

A “Drop-in” style event celebrating inspiring stories of single moms transforming their lives through the SRS programs in Columbia, MO.

Admission is Complimentary, but please RSVP by APRIL 13th.  Call/Text (773) 677-5215.

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how we have helped

Giving a hand up instead of a hand out . . . helping someone stand on their own two feet . . . now that’s something that my wife and I believe in.  We’ve worked hard to have what we have and we want to help others have nice things too.  St. Raymond’s Society is teaching these young ladies how to work for what they want.  With grit and determination.  By the time they leave that House they are going to know how to get things done.

I appreciate the resources and services St. Raymond’s Society provides our community’s single mothers and their children.  This is an organization that offers a real solution, not just and band aid and I can get behind that.  They are creating lasting changes in the lives of families.

Living at St. Ray’s House was a profound experience for me.  I learned so much while living there!  My biggest take away was probably in the life skills department, especially time management and self-discipline.  The thing I like best about St. Ray’s is that I will always be a part of the St. Raymond’s Society.  I still meet with my Success Coaches every week and my Accountability Partner every month.  The kids and I are invited to all of the St. Ray’s outings, celebrations and events.  The only difference is that I have my own house now so sometimes we meet here.

The support St. Raymond’s gave me was more than I could ever have asked for